Cancer Warrior

Shared Journey

On 25 November 2019, a day before his wife Clare’s 60th birthday, Oscar was diagnosed with cancer. He later found out it was an incurable bone marrow cancer, Mulitple Myeloma. Oscar was told he had six months to live. But as with everything else Oscar does, he is determined to emerge victorious. He continues to paddle kayaks, play golf, and with a combination of medical treatment, exercise, iron determination and unconquerable optimism, he has defied every doctor’s prediction to date.

Oscar has openly shared his journey of radiation, chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant with his loyal and supportive global fan base on social media and in his book

Life is not for the lethargic, or at least not if you want to relish it to the fullest. Get out there, keep moving and keep doing positive stuff.
If you do that, you will, in the words of Bob Dylan, stay forever young.”
– Oscar Chalupsky

Multiple Myeloma Fund

Oscar has set up a Multiple Myeloma Fund (South Africa) together with the assistance of Stuart Lowe and Campaigning for Cancer.
This fund is to raise money for Multiple Myeloma patients in South Africa as this cancer is extremely expensive to treat. Oscar will be donating a percentage of all income generated from his published book to this fund.